• Exchange Server ADD-ON products;  Our partnership with a Gold Certified Microsoft ADD-ON developer with some outstanding productivity tools to improve your Exchange Server investment
  • GROUPCALENDAR - Outlook Calendar Sharing;  Also for non-exchange server users
  • NETPRESENTER - Broadcast Anything on Anything, mass communication tools.
  • DISCLAIMER - Automatic Email Disclaimer;  Protect your liability issues with automatic personal or company wide disclaimers

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Project Management
Add-On Products improves scheduling and distribution of information for Microsoft users worldwide. As an industry leader in developing add-on functionality for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook, they also offer custom-made solutions for their clients. Add-On Products has an edge in developing award winning solutions that are saving users time and money.

More than 400,000 clients all over the world rely on their solutions to serve their employees and customers. From small businesses to large international organizations, all clients value the results from having more effective communication with Add-On Products’ solutions.

Add-On Products is a Microsoft Gold Partner. They are recognized worldwide for their many award winning products. Add-On Products has its Head Quarters in Vejle, Denmark.

To purchase an Add-On Products solution or to inquire about a custom-made solution either call
TEAM PRODUCTS or contact Add-On Products directly at: +45 79447000         Email:

Netpresenter specializes in software that improves knowledge distribution, corporate communications, sales, safety and results.

To this end, Netpresenter develops XML-enabled communication software for organizations, such as screensaver message systems, multimedia newsfeed servers, emergency alert notification systems and narrowcasting / digital signage technology.

Today, more than one million employees use Netpresenter solutions, at organizations such as Sony, Nokia, Jaguar, Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, Volkswagen, Ford, Pratt & Whitney, Unilever, US Navy, and police and government agencies worldwide.
OpusFlow was founded in 1999 in the Netherlands and focuses 100% on Outlook ®-based solutions.

We offer standard Outlook ®-products as well as custom made Outlook ®-solutions.

Currently our products are being used in over 30 countries worldwide by small and large businesses as well as local and federal governments.

Team Products Pty Ltd
Sydney, Australia

+61 (0)2  8206 2423
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Digital Sign and Multimedia Display software
Are you interested in a dynamic indoor signage solution?
Do you want to promote your company and improve how your visitors are welcomed?

Ariadne easily and effectively manages digital signage in order to improve your organizations efficiency and image. Use Ariadne to keep your visitors and staff informed, with instant messages and up-to-date information throughout the day. Entertain and reach your customers with streaming videos or company presentations and keep them updated with the latest news directly from the internet.

From the time staff and visitors enter your building until the moment they leave; Ariadne effectively manages the digital signs so staff and visitors feel informed, welcome and at ease. Ariadne allows you to promote your company’s products while giving the customers a positive and professional image of your organization.
Ariadne is available either installed onsite or hosted by Add-on Products.
With Ariadne you get:

    * Increased reception efficiency
    * Improved branding and promotion
    * Increased customer satisfaction with way finding functionality
    * Improved internal and external communication
    * The most up to date meeting, news and visitor information