Instantly Improved and Proven Airport Security:

The Netpresenter Emergency Alert Server

More staff and passengers are successfully informed in the event of an emergency at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, by displaying emergency messages on both PCs as well as TV monitors.
Most airlines and airports have excellent emergency plans to handle a crisis. But without being able to reach enough staff and passengers, even the best emergency plan will fail.  Unfortunately, in an emergency, many airports and airlines simply ignore their most powerful communication tool used so successfully everyday; visual communications.
They do not display emergency messages on PC monitors of staff, nor on most of their TV monitors aimed at passengers.

The Netpresenter Emergency Alert Server changes this. For the first time, both passengers and staff can now be quickly informed by displaying messages on both staff PCs and TV monitors aimed at passengers.
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the fourth largest airport of Europe, quickly recognized the power of the Netpresenter Emergency Alert System and installed it on all their 1750 PCs screens, TV monitors and even an outdoor video wall to inform evacuated passengers.
In an emergency, the Emergency Alert Server now allows Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to instantly inform and instruct both passengers and staff with a simple mouse click.

Emergency messages are entered using a simple web interface and can be displayed in 2 languages.  They can be selectively displayed on TV monitors and on staff PCs as interactive screensaver or popup window.  The Netpresenter Thin Client, Low Bandwidth Emergency Alert Player is the first proven technology for continuous playback on TV monitors as well as staff PCs. 

Netpresenter offers a range of products for improving your internal communications as well.
Other applications of the Netpresenter Emergency Alert Server:
"        Prevention: Display security warnings on unused TV monitors
"        Missing/ Information: The perfect tool for enhancing your audio speaker system
"        Warn staff in advance of computer network problems using a pop-up window on their PC
"        Security training: Display security messages as interactive screensaver to staff.

For more information:

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  • Instant message server to PC's and TV's
  • NEWS channels on Intranet OR Internet
  • Emergency Alerting to email, phone, TV

Netpresenter specializes in software that improves knowledge distribution, corporate communications, sales, safety and results.

To this end, Netpresenter develops XML-enabled communication software for organizations, such as screensaver message systems, multimedia newsfeed servers, emergency alert notification systems and narrowcasting / digital signage technology.

Today, more than one million employees use Netpresenter solutions, at organizations such as Sony, Nokia, Jaguar, Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, Volkswagen, Ford, Pratt & Whitney, Unilever, US Navy, and police and government agencies worldwide.
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