Digital Signage
How to get your message across, at a fraction of the costs
Digital signage, or narrowcasting, is the art of visually entertaining, informing and influencing employees or customers. It’s about getting your message across effectively. Because digital signage has true stopping power; one screen catches the attention of 63% of the people passing by!
Netpresenter software makes creating digital signage presentations and publishing these on big screens child’s play. In addition, it allows you to multiply the amount of screens of your digital signage network by a hundredfold. Simply by also turning all other available screens into interactive message boards – including PC monitors, TVs and even mobile phone and PDA screens. And because employees and visitors see your messages time and time again - as screensaver and pop-up messages and on digital signs - news is seen and remembered better.
Internal Communication
How to get your employees to read your vital, corporate messages
First of all, do not only rely on employees taking action to read your internal news. E-mail inboxes are flooded. And only a small percentage of staff remembers to check the corporate website and intranet regularly. The only way to ensure that staff read your vital corporate information is to GRAB their attention!
Netpresenter helps you reach everyone by broadcasting your (internal) news on all available screens - PCs, TVs, digital signs and even mobile device screens. Get your staff’s attention every time they get up to get coffee, lunch or go into a meeting - using screensavers, desktop players, pop-up messages and digital signage presentations.
Highly effective, as it incorporates lessons learned in learning and function psychology; gentle repetition on every screen ensures messages are remembered. In a way that does not interrupt the working process. Important, as staff need at least 20 minutes to get back to a task when interrupted. Making it easy to calculate how much there is to save by not sending out e-mails ‘to all’ any more, but instead using all ‘lost time’ to communicate with your employees.
Emergency Altering Software
How to instantly warn everyone in an emergency situation
What does YOUR staff do when you hear an alarm go off? Unfortunately, statistics show 75% of them will think it is a nuisance alarm and do nothing. So how best to warn employees and the general public when there really IS an emergency?
Don’t just tell them what’s going on, show them! Instantly publish a highly visible alert on all PC, TV, digital signage screens and mobile devices. With Netpresenter Emergency Alert Server this only takes 3 mouse clicks!
Easily publish alerts in multiple languages, add a (spoken) audio warning, emergency details or evacuation instructions. After all, people take detailed alarms more seriously than generic ones. And, calamities differ. To give an example – what do you do if there is an important virus alert? And what if there is a fire at the designated meeting point?
Follow in the footsteps of nuclear power plants, airports and police services already using Netpresenter. Complete and strengthen your existing alert systems without the need for investing in expensive hardware. Today.

Resource Central
The premier Room and Desk booking tool for Outlook
Schedule meetings including all extra services in under 2 minutes
Resource Central is an add-on solution for Outlook that makes it easy to manage your organization's critical resources.
    * Search and sort resources by location and category
    * List and book available conference rooms
    * List and book available workstations or hot desks
    * Order individualized catering and other services

Exchange Central
Group Calendar for Outlook and Exchange
Our client based group calendar provides a user friendly overview of multiple Outlook calendars as well as powerful scheduling and reporting tools.
    * User friendly overview of team-member’s calendars
    * Ability to easily schedule meetings with multiple colleagues
    * Front-desk or Receptionist view providing improved customer service
    * Advanced tools to plan, book appointments and run statistics on Outlook calendars

WebTeam Central
Web-based Team Calendar. WebTeam Central allows colleagues and team-members to view and schedule company wide appointments dependant on Outlook permissions. This allows for improved communication and more efficient scheduling within an organization while providing the flexibility needed in today’s mobile environment.
Ideal for all types of organizations: small, medium, large and mobile. WebTeam Central gives managers, receptionists and co-workers an instant and easy web-based overview of their colleagues.
    * Web-based interface
    * Integrates with Outlook, OWA, Sharepoint, etc.
    * Consolidated view of colleagues and resources
    * Phone message module
    * Multi domain support with “Global Service”

Office Central
Journalize and Organize all In and Outgoing Emails. Increase knowledge sharing across your organization
Through a partnership with Outlook, Office Central journalizes and organizes all in and outgoing messages, documents and contact information. This allows for the protection and sharing of mission critical information amongst colleagues.
    * Journalize all emails and attachments to and from selected domains
    * Journalize documents for easy access
    * Assign project names or numbers to messages and documents
    * Create a corporate directory of contacts
    * Increase knowledge sharing amongst co-workers and team members
    * Avoid data loss when colleagues leave the organization

Ariadne, Digital Sign and Multimedia Display software
Ariadne easily and effectively manages digital signage in order to improve your organizations efficiency and image. Use Ariadne to keep your visitors and staff informed, with instant messages and up-to-date information throughout the day. Entertain and reach your customers with streaming videos or company presentations and keep them updated with the latest news directly from the internet.
From the time staff and visitors enter your building until the moment they leave; Ariadne effectively manages the digital signs so staff and visitors feel informed, welcome and at ease. Ariadne allows you to promote your company’s products while giving the customers a positive and professional image of your organization.
Ariadne is available either installed onsite or hosted by Add-on Products.
With Ariadne you get:
    * Increased reception efficiency
    * Improved branding and promotion
    * Increased customer satisfaction with way finding functionality
    * Improved internal and external communication
    * The most up to date meeting, news and visitor information

Sharing your Outlook calendar on your network, No exchange server needed. Syncs with a laptop on the road.  Easy to install - Start the setup, adjust one setting and the office has a shared calendar.  Easy to use - No actions required to share. Needs only one click for private or hidden appointments;  Effective - Create appointments for others directly in the GroupCalendar™ in Outlook ®.

Sharing your Outlook calendar with Exchange Server used to be a matter of all or nothing. You give access to your calendar or you don't. When others have access to your Outlook calendar they can see your calendar items, all of them! Exchange GroupCalendar however allows for simple but effective rules and formatting. You can now automatically publish to a central team calendar what others need to know and keep to yourself what they don't need to know.

OutlookDisclaimer is a tool that automatically formats your outgoing email.  You don't need Exchange or any other mail server to use the OutlookDisclaimer software because it is a client-based tool. This means that you actually see what you send out in the email.  (This is not the case with server-based tools).  OutlookDisclaimer is not restricted to a closing paragraph, but can format your e-mail header, introduction, an email body, and force the use of a corporate image to ensure all email has the same corporate image and disclaimer text.

Until now it was almost impossible to get a good overview of your Contacts integrated with Outlook. TeamContacts is an easy to install Outlook add-on, which solves that problem effectively and flexibly by sharing your Contacts database.  You can filter the Contacts that you want to share (and take with you on your PDA) by using categories. All of these features are available on a simple network, LAN or even a peer to peer network.  No server software is required but it works great with Public Folders.
Via the vendor site or direct.

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