Until now it was almost impossible to get a good overview of your team's or office Contacts integrated with Outlook. TeamContacts is an easy to install Outlook add-on, which solves that problem effectively and flexibly by sharing your Contacts database.

You can filter the Contacts that you want to share (and take with you on your PDA) by using categories. All of these features are available on a simple network, LAN or even a peer to peer network.  No server software is required but it works great with Public Folders.

TeamContacts is also available bundled with GroupCalendar and is an inherent part of OutlookInside. or OpusFlowCRM (new name)
If you need more than Contact sharing alone... why no have a look at that. 

TeamContacts Overview...
  • Share your Outlook Contacts with ysers all on your network !
  • No Exchange Server required;
  • Filter the address cards you want to share with categories, (customers, suppliers, leads etc);
  • New Tab in Outlook, see sample                          - Contacts Tab  ----->
  • PDA is supported;
  • Multiple languages supported.
  • Uses a shared database on a shared drive in the local network, no email connectivity required.
  • Powerful combination with GroupCalendar, also sharing your Calendar with your Team

  • Outlook Contacts sharing for teams
  • No Exchange Server needed
  • PDA enabled
Try the 30-day demo version for FREE
(or update your licensed version)

You may evaluate the software for 30 days and make full use of our helpdesk during this test period.  Install this version on every PC (No server installation required):

** TeamContacts.exe **

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One license is required for every server that hosts one or more TeamContacts databases. You can have multiple databases and thus workgroups on the same server.

Free unlimited e-mail / phone support for 3 years.
Free  updates for TeamContacts for 3 years.

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