How it works:

After running the set-up and starting Outlook, every e-mail you send will be evaluated just before it is being sent. Depending on the version of OutlookDisclaimer, the following actions will be taken:

Find the (central) ini file. (Example of central ini) (*)

Determine which fields will have to be inserted and from which source (**)

Change the message format to HTML if it's not already (***)

Add logo/disclaimer and user fields.  The user only typed "message from me to you"... OutlookDisclaimer does the rest.

Depending on the OutlookDisclaimer version it is possible to prevent the sending of a message if no central ini file can be found, or to switch to a local ini-file if the central location is not available. 

If you use an Exchange server, some of the personal data which is stored in your exchange server mailbox (like your Job Title) can be used to be inserted into the Disclaimer. In the paid version you can order additional Active Directory / Exchange Server mailbox fields to be added to your version. 

If you send e-mail in rtf or plain text format, the message will be converted to a fixed font type. If HTML is the format already then no conversion takes place.

Set-up Instructions:
Run the set-up. Change the Logo.gif file name in the folder c:\outlookdisclaimer to the .gif file that you want included in your automatic email formating.  Adjust the INI file settings to your needs, using the sample files from this web-stite. (The personal version shows a small URL linking to the OpusFlow website at the bottom of the disclaimer)


The cost is around AUD$ 950 per company (depending on the USD exchange rate) for an unlimited number of users as long as everyone uses the same central ini-file.
You will need to supply:
  1. Your name / Job title
  2. Company name / address
  3. The unc-path to the share where you will store the central ini file.
  4. (unc-path = \\servername\sharename)
  5. Do not forget to order the right version (Tight / Weak).  The UNC path will be coded into the software that is delivered to you by email.
We strongly encourage you to test the free personal version first.  We cannot make refunds for the installed licensed company version. 


Version for larger corporations (install worldwide, multiple locations) per company.

Three years un-limited e-mail and telephonic support (5x8hrs).

  Sold and Supported for
  Australia/New Zealand by;
  Team Producst Pty Ltd
  8th fl, 153 Walker Str.
  North Sydney, NSW,
  2060  -  Australia
  Tel; +61 2 8206 2423
  Fax; +61 2 9966 1611

OutlookDisclaimer is a tool that automatically formats your outgoing email.  You don't need Exchange or any other mail server to use the OutlookDisclaimer software because it is a client-based tool. This means that you actualy see what you send out in the email.  (This is not the case with server-based tools)

The user of OutlookDisclaimer is not restricted to a closing paragraph, but can format your e-mail header, introduction, email body, and force the use of a corporate image compliant email.


The message processing is done on the client-pc, but the network administrator can administer the organisation wide settings within one central ini-file on a file server. Even Exchange mailbox properties or Active Directory fields can be used in the text. You can use HTML formatted data stored in the active directory fields. This way you make sure that everyone uses the same centrally stored e-mail fiormat, Company Logo's, signature, disclaimer and even the e-mail page layout for every e-mail they send.
You can run advertising campaigns or advertise your upcoming events with links that point to your webserver in every e-mail that (some or all) users send out.

Versions & Download

OutlookDisclaimer is available in 3 versions:

1. Company version :  Tight
Will always use the central settings file and logo. If no settings-file can be found then the email will not be sent. If the error is corrected the mail can be sent after opening it from the drafts folder.

2. Company version :  Weak
Will try to use the central settings file and logo.
If no central settings-file can be found then the software will try to use a local ini-file.  Users can adjust this file which gives you less control over what is sent by users.

3. Personal version :   Free version  (No Support)
(Software will always try and look for a personal INI file. No central administration point. No spyware or anything else included. The free version only adds a small URL for our own website at the bottom of the message)

NOTE: How your email looks is entirely dependent on your configuration. The OutlookDisclaimer.INI file that is being installed by the setup will show you all possibilities but the design quality is 'none'. Some better looking examples are available below;

Configuration examples of the INI file;

Very nice Active html example:          Preview or Download the ini.
Simple sliding  variation example:      Preview or Download the ini.
HTML formatted config. example:      Download HTML formatted table
                                                      and logo ini file.
Only disclaimer text example:            Download simple example ini file.

  1. Automatic Disclaimer for Outlook E-mail
  2. Editable email template, including pictures, html etc.
  3. FREE Personal version or
  4. BUY Corporate version
Made by;

John Smith
Job Title Signature Tools LTD.
Tel: +11 12 12345
Fax: +11 22 34567

HEADER TEXT-anything
message text message text
More body textmessage text message text message text
___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
My Name
My job title
Head office location.
Tel: +31 (0)123 456 78
OutlookDisclaimer example

Disclaimer: This is the standard disclaimer text. If you are not the intended recipient of this message then please delete it.

Sample HTML coded OutlookDisclaimer

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