Australian and New Zealand partner and re-seller for;
  • Exchange Server ADD-ON products;  Our partnership with a Gold Certified Microsoft ADD-ON developer with some outstanding productivity tools to improve your Exchange Server investment
  • GROUPCALENDAR - Outlook Calendar Sharing;  Also for non-exchange server users
  • NETPRESENTER - Broadcast Anything on Anything, mass communication tools.
  • DISCLAIMER - Automatic Email Disclaimer;  Protect your liability issues with automatic personal or company wide disclaimers

Team Products Pty Ltd is the Australian distributor and re-seller of a number of niche IT software products and services that facilitate Team Work within your company as well as with your Customers and Suppliers.

We have some innovative products and services that will allow you to;

  • SHARE your GROUPCALENDAR in the Office in an Outlook based teaming Calendar solution or, if you have Exchange Server , do more complicated;

  • RESOURCE SCHEDULING and billing of your people, time, rooms, vehicles, catering and equipment.

  • Automatically attach a  DISCLAIMER message to any Outlook email from any workstation for all users within your company. (FREE personal version)

Whether you are a;

  • Company who needs to SHARE Calendars, Resources, E-mail, and Documents with your Team in the Office or a;

  • Services Manager who needs to SCHEDULE people on jobs, projects and activities, or if you need to

  • COMMUNICATE to thousands of people via instant message POP-UP screens and TV's about emergencies or just company news,

we have a team-work solution for you.            Contact us for more details
OCT2007;  ROOMSERVICE is renamed to RESOURCE CENTRAL as it now schedules far more resources than rooms only.

OCT05; GROUPCALENDAR added to the suite of products

AUG05; Team Products adds NETPRESENTER to the product range. Follow the links

Create your own communication message for via a few simple steps.
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